We Love Art Dubai Wine and Paint Night from Very Hungry Explorer

Painting Dali and Drinking Wine

Since I was a kid,  I’ve told myself that I am not very creative and I’m ‘rubbish at arty stuff’.  But over the last year or so, I’ve been strangely attracted to arts and crafts type things. When I saw that local company We Love Art were offering the chance to…

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Lunch Buffet, Palm Restaurant, Sheraton JBR, Dubai

Lunch at the Palm Garden, Sheraton

My lovely new friend Hannah had been telling me just how excellent the spread was at the Palm Garden, so I was rather surprised that when we arrived at the Sheraton JBR, nobody else was there. Having now sampled pretty much every vegetarian dish they had to offer, I’m even…

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Les Machines des L'ile, Elephant, Nantes via Very Hungry Explorer

You Need To Know About Nantes

Brace yourself, I’m about to make quite the sensational statement. My favourite City in France is no longer Paris. I know – shocking right Last year I spent a week in Nantes and I was blown away by a beautiful, friendly, stylish place that is jam packed full of art…

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Tourist or Traveller Who Really Cares

When Did Tourist Become A Dirty Word?

Is it just me or is this whole ‘tourist shaming’ thing getting out of hand.  I don’t remember there being such a stigma attached to being a tourist. This is something that has been playing on my mind for while, but the recent campaign from Holidify was the final straw….

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Sandwich Selection Afternoon Tea Burj Khalifa

Afternoon Tea at the Burj Khalifa

What’s the best way of celebrating getting passed that ‘seven year itch’ ?- taking afternoon tea in the tallest building of the world of course. We arrived at the Burj Khalifa in the blistering summer heat, as soon as you walk through the door the air conditioning takes your breath…

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Getting My Travel Fix – Top 5 Instagrammers

It has been 10 weeks since I arrived in Dubai and handed my passport over to the authorities so that they could process my visa. I’m trying to be patient and not grumble, I really am.  But these two and a half months have been the longest I’ve gone without…

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