Viewing London From The Orbit

Balloons London View

Viewing London From The Orbit

When I told Philip I was taking Mum to The Orbit, he didn’t have a clue what I was on about.  ‘The big squiggly sculpture at the Olympic Park’ I told him,  ‘you can go up to the top and look out over London’. I still don’t think he really…

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Lambs Marsh Farm

Mucking About At Marsh Farm

Our day at Marsh Farm started with Brunch – as all good days should.  The charming Tillie’s Tea Room making a lovely setting to tuck into our fry-ups.  Sausages for the meat-eaters and lots of mushrooms for me. Before long the birthday boy arrived along with the rest of the family….

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Mum and Niece Ella London

A Morning At The Tate Modern

I can’t remember what we were talking about when my beloved Niece Ella told me that she wanted to go to an art gallery.  But it stuck in the back of my mind and as soon as I had the chance I took both her and my Mum to check…

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Grumpy's Diner Southend

Happy Dining at Grumpy’s

Southend-on-Sea isn’t a huge place, so I was rather surprised to learn that it has two completely separate 1950′s diners.  It seemed only fair that I compare the two Grumpy’s Diner is the newer kid on the block, unlike Bobby Jo’s it is located away from the busy seafront. Mum…

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Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London

A tour of Central London, on a traditional red bus WHILST you have afternoon tea.  I discovered that my dream could be a reality whilst reading this post from Jess-On-Thames and new that I had to try it out for myself. After a stroll through London and a visit to the…

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Feeding Cows

Feeding The Animals; Our Last Day In Stapleford

It may seem that I am a little behind with my posts at the moment, but I’m not.  OK I am a little, but only because I am trying to keep things in some kind of chronological(ish) order.  Now that I’ve finished all my NYC posts, it’s time to get…

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Perfect Door MoMA

Snow Day at MoMA

I was just a little bit overwhelmed when I arrived in the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  Firstly by how many people were there and secondly by the size of the museum and all the things to see inside it. We got there first thing…

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So Long and Thanks For All The Fish

Two years and ten months since our big move from the UK to Belgium; today we start our next adventure with our move from Brussels to Dubai. I’m excited, really excited to move to the Middle East. It has been tough getting everything sorted, but now all 78 jobs have…

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Mast South Street Seaport New York

Seeing Another Side of New York; South Street Seaport

Just a short stroll from the shiny skyscrapers in New York’s Financial District you’ll find the South Street Seaport.  It is pretty much the exact opposite of FiDi, with a boatload of restored 19th century buildings; from the East River’s Pier 17 you can get a great view of the…

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Citizen M Times Square Lobby Pic

Staying at Citizen M Hotel, Times Square

The only thing harder than deciding on what to see while you’re in New York is deciding what to eat. The only thing harder than deciding what to eat while in New York is deciding where to stay. It ended up being a video from Lily Pebbles that convinced me…

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