Unfortunately breakfast at Hotel Mama’s was as frustrating as the breakfast we had tried to eat at Altwienerhof the day before.  Just too many people and not enough food available.  We should have stuck with eating cereal bars in the car!


Bratislava to Nuremberg Map


Nevermind, everything else about the hotel was fantastic and we were soon on the road, heading back to Nuremberg.   Once again the road to Nuremberg was paved with, well, roadworks and rain.   So rather than arriving at 2pm, we rocked up at the Documentation Centre at the Nazi Party Rally Grounds  (the main attraction that we wanted to see) at nearly 4pm.

The museum is housed in the largest preserved building of the Nazi era, although much has been destroyed or re-used there is still enough to understand the sheer size of what was created, it really is overwhelming to see the Congress Hall and the grounds where 150,000 people marched.


Nuremberg Nazi Rally Grounds Museum


Even if we did only have two hours to go round before it closed, I am so glad that we did.  I ended up in tears of course, like I always do at places like this.  The audio tour was incredibly detailed and there were several excellent videos, as well as footage from the Nuremberg trials.

Everyone should visit this museum.  Everyone.


Nazi Rally Grounds Museum Nuremberg


There was no way we were staying at the Agneshof again, so took a chance on a new hotel that was located right on the main square in Nuremberg’s old town, the Hotel Saxx.   The rooms were small, but modern and stylish, it also had a great little bar (where we had a nightcap in later on).

As we made our way out, we noticed that there were a lot of people around, like thousands of people.  There were bags up on poles all over the square and it took seven attempts before we were able to find anywhere with a free table for dinner. So we knew that something strange was going on.


Nuremberg  Bags


The Australian Bar and Kitchen had just one table left so we grabbed it… the atmosphere was lively, with lots of people, great music and a very interesting looking menu (we were given our own special printed English menu!)  I decided to try the Ostrich while Phil went for the beef.  We got ourselves sided-up with a greek salad, coleslaw and fries to share. Oh and there was beer AND dessert.  Mango Meringue for me and vanilla rice pudding for his lordship.


Australian Bar and Kitchen Nuremberg

Ostrich Burger

Dessert Australian Bar & Kitchen Nuremberg


Whilst we were munching and seat-dancing we found out why Nuremberg was so busy… it was Blue Night (Blaue Nacht) Now in its 14th year, Blue Night is an incredible event that incorporates a huge variety of cultural events, apparently 140,000 people attended while we were there.

We didn’t have tickets, so weren’t able to go into most of the buildings and concerts, but we still spent a good few hours mooching around, enjoying the sights, the atmosphere and the general blueness.  The strange bags in the square?  Well, they put blue lights in the middle of each pole, so it looked like this…


Blue Night Nuremberg

Nuremberg Blue Night

Die Blaue Nacht Blue Night Church

Cathedral Blue Night Nuremberg

By now it was gone midnight and we were fading fast, so we had a quick nightcap then headed to bed.  It was a lovely end to our road trip.

The next morning was officially Day Six of the trip, but as it purely involved driving back to Brussels, there isn’t much to report!

It was a really good trip and (bleurgh alert) it was actually lovely spending so much time with Phil, putting the world to rights and making plans… we only argued twice!