Bratislava Old Town Slovakia

We started day four with breakfast in the Altwienerhof, it was unfortunately a little disappointing. The buffet area is rather small and with a dining room full of people, there was a lot of queuing to be able to reach anything.  When we did make it to the front, there wasn’t a great deal left and as we only had 15 minutes remaining on our parking, we couldn’t wait around for more to be brought out.  This was a real shame as the little bit of food that was there; sausage, tomatoes and bread were of a really good quality.  If you’re going to have breakfast there, I would suggest making sure you have plenty of time to enjoy it properly.

After a 55 minute drive, which was really no trouble at all given the distances we had covered over the last few days, we arrived in Bratislava and followed the rather confusing signs to the car park.  I was blown away by how beautiful Bratislava is.  The old town is ever so quaint, with narrow winding streets and incredible buildings.

Bratislava Buildings


As we got there nice and early, we had a full day for exploring and definitely made the most of it.  We took City Tour B, settling down into the custom bus/train/tram/vehicle and plugging in our headphones,  we were taken around some of the old town, up to the castle and back again taking in all the major sites.  At just €10 for the hour long tour, I was really pleased with it.  We stopped at the castle for 15 minutes so that we could all enjoy the spectacular view.


Bratislava Castle Tour

Castle Bratislava


We then took off on foot, so we could get up close and personal with all the archways, cobbled streets and incredible architecture oh and drink beer… we also had a stroll along the Danube.

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed Bratislava more than I did Vienna.  Proving that my love for medieval towns is still going strong!


Bratislava Buildings Slovakia


As the temperature was dropping and our feet were starting to ache, we decided to head over to our hotel.  Hotel Mama’s is about a 10 minute drive out from the centre.  Our room was lovely, by far the nicest of our trip, with a massive comfy bed, huge bathroom, great wifi, a proper kettle and pretty much anything you could possibly want in a hotel room.

View from Hotel Mama's Bratislava

Wine Hotel Mama's Terrace

Rooftop Terrace View Hotel Mama's


As if the room wasn’t great enough, the roof terrace was really something special, the views were spectacular and we enjoyed a lovely bottle of red wine while the sun started to set and then headed down for dinner.  There is something about a hotel that has a sushi restaurant in it that I find very exciting!    Ordering from the ipad menu was quite the entertaining novelty, and the food was fantastic… although the service was rather slow.


Sushi Hotel Mama's Bratislava


I’ll leave day four there, cos, you know, lovely hotel room and all that! 😉