oven fresh pork shoulder with apple red cabbage and fried potatoes

One of the things that we loved during our trips to Prague and Basel last year, was the incredible scenery on our way there. We drove through parts of the countryside that we would never have seen had we gone by plane.  So when we were making plans for a trip to Vienna, we knew that we wanted to drive there and see what Germany had to offer.

We put together a five-day itinerary that would take us through Belgium, into Germany then through Austria and into Slovakia.  A total of 22 hours and 2200 KM’s.

Plans made and hotels booked, (albeit two days before we set off), we packed the car full of snacks, magazines and music and started the 5 hour journey to Nuremberg – our first stop.

Unfortunately the road trip gods were not on our side and rather than arriving in Nuremberg early afternoon, we rocked up to our hotel on Tuesday evening, stressed, knackered and a little bid fed up.  Not only was there torrential rain, there was also seven different sets of roadworks and two car accidents to contend with.

3 Country Road Trip Day One Map Brussels to Nuremberg


Our Hotel – The Agneshof, didn’t help our mood either.  We booked it based on the location – smack bang in the centre of the old town and because it had parking.

Firstly we were told that our car was “too big” to fit into the hotel car park and we had to navigate the one-way streets to the public car park, which charged €3 per hour. Our room had both the look and smell of an MFI showroom and while there was nothing wrong with it (except the crazy thin walls and the fact that it was baking hot), I didn’t exactly enjoy our stay there.

Albrecht Durer Stube Restaurant Nuremberg


What I did enjoy very much though was the restaurant just round the corner.  Not only was the Albrecht Durer Stube  the closest restaurant to the hotel, it also featured in the top 10 on Tripadvisor.  Looking magnificent in traditional dress, our waitress switched seamlessly to English and took us to our table.  The food was incredible.  We started with ‘3 Nuremberg sausages with sauerkraut’ we also opted for their speciality for our main – oven fresh pork shoulder with apple red cabbage and fried potatoes. Phil was on the local beer, while I sipped (yeah right) on the local wine.


3 Nuremberg sausages with sauerkraut

oven fresh pork shoulder with apple red cabbage and fried potatoes

The sauerkraut was much nicer than I thought it would be, really tangy and it went perfectly with the sausages. The pork shoulder came attached to the bones that it was cooked with, which is probably it was so incredibly juicy and tender.  It literally fell off the bone and I could have easily eaten the about three of them.

We made room for dessert; chocolate ice-cream with hazelnut liquor and cottage cheese ice-cream with raspberry sauce both being fantastic.  So, not only was the food excellent, the service impeccable and the whole atmosphere relaxed, the bill was also fantastic… €43 for two three course meals with two large drinks each.

Dessert Albrecht Durer Stube Nuremberg

We slept in our hot and creaky beds with very full and happy tummy’s!

Of course our late arrival meant that we hadn’t seen any of Nuremberg and while not wanting to mess with any of our plans, we started wondering if it would be worth leaving Munich on the way back to Belgium and (re) visiting Nuremberg instead.

… day two tomorrow…



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