It can sometimes be quite tough to find a good restaurant that’s still open when you come out of the theatre, so we were very pleased to see the 4550 Miles of Delhi lit up and full of people when we came out of the Playhouse in Nottingham.  We were given a very warm welcome when we arrived and walked through the big bright restaurant to our lovely table by the window.

We ordered a bottle of white wine (such a shame that Boon was driving, as he only got to have one glass and I guzzled the rest) then sat back and looked through the menu.

4550 Miles from Delhi (2)


The menu was vast – with a huge selection of dishes, from ‘traditional’ Indian curries to chef speciality meat and vegetable dishes. I found out a long time ago that my favourite thing to eat in an Indian, is a Chicken Dopiaza and Mushroom Pilau, with a mushroom Bhaji.  It works for me, it’s delicious and the only time I have deviated from that was at an Indian takeaway, once, when there was a curry with cheese in it – which of course I HAD to try immediately and yes it was delicious.


4550 Miles from Delhi (1)


Anyway, back at 4550 Miles from Delhi, I was so impressed with the ambience and menu, I thought I would go crazy and try something different! Naturally we started with poppadoms – which were fresh and crisp and delicious. I then opted for a one of the house specialities: Lamb Mughlai; cubed lamb in a velvety ginger, garlic laced onion gravy, fragrant with mace, cardamom, saffron and cream and the mushroom rice of course!

4550 Miles from Delhi (3)


And I was not disappointed… it was so tasty and the lamb was perfectly cooked and juicy. Perfect sized portions as well, I ate all of mine and could have eaten it all again, which to me is the sign of a perfectly sized dinner!


4550 Miles from Delhi (4)


Taking a look at the dessert menu, it was so nice not to see the usual frozen mass-produced offerings that we thought we should something a bit different (for us anyway) and we opted for the Gulab Jamun – A classical dessert from North India with deep-fried milk balls soaked in sugar syrup. Served with a cardamom flavoured rabri.


4550 Miles from Delhi (5)

To say that what arrived wasn’t what we were expecting was an understatement, but we tried it and oh my goodness, I have never tasted anything like it. The ball in the middle is ice-cream and then there are the four deep-fried milk ‘balls’ around the outside, on a bed of syrup.  I don’t really know who to describe the taste… almost like a very light rice pudding, but not – I think it’s safe to say that you need to try it.

A lovely meal at a lovely restaurant – we’d be happy to go back. You can see the website for 4550 Miles from Delhi here.