Church and Citadel Dinant

Everyone who comes to visit us in Brussels gets taken to Dinant, it is without a doubt my favourite daytrip destination in Belgium.

There is more than enough there to keep you entertained for a whole day, regardless of the weather.

Start at the Citadel. There are two reasons, firstly the views over the River Meuse and Dinant are incredible. Secondly there is free parking – hooray!

Citadel View Dinant

View over River Meuse Dinant


Make your way down into Dinant – you can either walk down the 400+ steps (with the other crazy people) or you can get the cable car,which is great fun.


Cable Car and 400 Steps Citadel Dinant


Once you hit the ground (make sure you keep your ticket for the way back up) go right and head into the impressive Church of Our Lady.

Our Lady Church Dinant

Church of Our Lady DInant

Then it is time for a stroll and maybe a drink.  If you head right and passed the church there are lots of lovely little cafes and bars on the river – these can get very busy when the weather is nice, but it is worth the fight to find a table somewhere.

Or head left after the church – down to the river and there are lots of options there too.

Dinant Belgium


After a stroll along the Meuse, you should get yourself on a boat and check out Dinant from a different angle – there are lots of options, but I like the simplicity of the boat tour that leaves from Quay 5, it is a 45 minute trip that will show you the basics and only costs €7.50. You can find out more and see lots of pictures here.



Kayak River Meuse Dinant

River Meuse Dinant

Saxophone Bridge Dinant


When you’ve finished messing about on the river – stroll around the village, drink beer or have a nose in the shops.  Make sure you check out the Saxophone bridge.  Adolphe Sax, who invented the saxophone came from Dinant and you’ll see a lot of jazz references around the town.   See if your country has a saxophone on the bridge.


Adolphe Sax Bridge Dinant

Saxophone Dinant

Make sure you keep an eye on the time as the last cable car back up is at 4.30pm and they won’t wait for you!

When you’re back at the Citadel, it is worth checking out.  I don’t think enough is being made of it, but it’s still nice to explore and take more pictures of that view.   There are tours you can follow included in the entry price, but make sure you ask about languages, as there weren’t any English tours available when we went.

Citadel Dinant Belgium


Check out the views from the gift shop and you can buy a replica catapult and all sorts of other weapons from the little cafe.

So far everyone we have taken to Dinant has loved it – or they were being polite and just pretending!

Let me know if you go and what you think.

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