Monschau is a little town on the border of Belgium and Germany and I have heard great things about it’s Christmas market.  Which is all very well and good, in December, but is there anything else to do during the rest of the year? Philip and I went to find out!

And as it turns out, Monschau is stupidly pretty, everywhere you look could be a postcard.

There are very strict rules about driving in the centre of Monschau and as it isn’t too big, it is much easier to leave your car in one of the car-parks at either end of the town and then follow the river into the centre.


Monschau Buildings

River Monschau

Tourist Information Office Monschau


Pick up a map from the Tourist Information Office, then just get walking. Take your loved one – or if they aren’t available, take your husband (I jest) and stroll around arm-in-arm looking at how beautiful everything is.


Monschau Bridge



The whole town has a very relaxed atmosphere. Take a seat at one of the market place cafes and get some ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’ or coffee and cake.  I loved Cafe Am Roten Haus, which is the perfect place to sit and wait for your allotted time to go into the Red House. They also serve the most delicious warm apple strudel with cream.


Monschau Germany

Apfelstrudel Monschau

The Red House isn’t huge, but it’s definitely worth checking out – the decor is incredible, really incredible.  How fabulous is that blue wallpaper? I thought they were actually pictures on the wall, until I zoomed in closer!  And that rug, I nearly had a meltdown about the colour of that rug and have been on the hunt for something similar ever since.

The impressive spiral oak staircase is decorated with 21 scenes of traditional cloth-making, but be prepared for it to shake a tiny little bit when you’re going up and down, as it’s completely free-standing.


Study Red House Monschau

Stair Case Red House Monschau

Inside Red House Monschau


This isn’t somewhere that you should save for Christmas, we both had a lovely day and could have easily spent more time there exploring.  In fact I haven’t even gotten started on the mustard yet… more on that next week!


Germany Monschau


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