A Vegetarian Guide to Eat The World DXB

Happy Maki Sushi

Out of all the Dubai Food Festival events (and there are quite a few) Eat The World DXB was the one I was most excited about; a celebration of Food Trucks and Street Food.

Fifteen trucks have been brought in from the UK and joined forces with some of the UAE’s favourite vendors so that we can quite literally eat dishes from all around the world.  And if that wasn’t good enough, there are talks from chefs, cake decorating demonstrations and live music all in the stunning setting of Burj Park.

Eat The World DXB

These kinds of events can often be a bit of a let down for us non-meat eaters, but Eat The World have got us covered with some excellent vegetarian options.

Live Music Eat The World DXB

I was delighted to be invited to the media preview at Jones The Grocer where I got to meet some of the food truckers and get a taste of what was on offer.  Last night Phil and I were through that gate as it opened to check it out.

Eat The World DXB Dubai Opera House

Here is my vegetarian guide to the British trucks at the event; let’s start with my favourite:

The Roadery

As a company that prides itself on the meat dishes it serves, I was a little surprised at just how tasty their halloumi tacos were.  Freshly seared halloumi cheese with a tangy tomato salsa, pickles and creme fraiche on a  small flat bread.  Topped with an incredibly tasty blackberry hot sauce that really pulled the dish together.

Halloumi Taco The Roadery

Happy Maki

Think Sushi and you think raw fish, but Sushi actually means ‘seasoned rice’.  Vegan, healthy and completely delicious, Anna has been rolling up sushi from her truck for almost three years.

I tried the three types of ‘thick’ maki on offer and they were all excellent.  Served as wraps rather than the thinly sliced pieces that we are used to, you still get all the taste, but they are much easier to eat.

Hoisin ‘Duck’ was my favourite; crispy tofu in a smoky hoisin sauce, spring onion sesame seeds, avocado and cucumber.

The Thai Sweet Potato Maki was a wonderful mix of thin sweet potato wedges, avocado, roasted coconut, coriander, cucumber and red pepper in a teriyaki sauce.

The Avocado Kiss was chock-a-block with the delicious goodness of avo, along with sundried tomatoes, cucumber, basil, sesame seeds and soy sauce.

All three were freshly made in front of us and included the perfect amount of wasabi and ginger, so there was enough taste without it being overpowering.

Happy Maki Sushi

The Cheese Truck

You’ll never look at cheese on toast in the same way again after tasting these incredible sandwiches.  Hearing Mathew talk about his love of cheese at the preview, it’s no surprise that he has chosen to honour it in this way.

Us veggies have two choices; Goats cheese, honey and walnut or my favourite the classic: Cheddar, French Raclette and onion.

Oozing with cheese and a hint of onion, these sandwiches are served piping hot, but aren’t greasy at all.

The Cheese Truck Mathew The Cheese Truck Cheese Sandwich The Cheese Truck

Oli Baba’s

These incredible halloumi fries are not the ‘cheesy chips’ that I thought they would be.  Instead you have small strips of halloumi, fried to perfection and topped with za’atar yoghurt, pomegranate molasses and seeds, mint, sumac and Turkish chilli.  Packed full of flavour these are definitely one to try.

Halloumi Fries

Made of Dough

Who doesn’t want their pizza cooked in the back of a Land Rover?  Authentic Neapolitan pizza, on the opening night there were two veggie options available; the classic Margherita and Mushroom and Truffle.

Made of Dough


Winner of Best Main at the British Street Food Awards 2015 make sure try some their veggie Pad Thai and climb into their Tuk Tuk for a photo.

Milo & Hector’s

I had the pleasure of meeting Margaux and tasting her amazing ice-cream sandwiches at the preview and I knew I had to go back for more.  The bright blue 1960’s van is the UK’s first ice-cream sandwich truck.

Homemade, chewy, moist cookies surrounding rich, creamy ice-cream that’s full of flavour.  My favourites are the Pistachio and White Choc Sandwich; pistachio ice-cream with white chocolate chip cookies and the Strawberry and Cinnamon Sandwich which is a zesty and refreshing strawberry sorbet with cinnamon oat cookies.

Margaux Milo & Hector's Ice Cream Sandwiches Milo & Hector's

The Crema Caravan

Mel uses a blow torch to burn the sugary coating that caps her rich and creamy vanilla base.  Made with just a hint of lemon that stops the Madagascan vanilla from being too rich.  The Crema Caravan won Best Dessert at the British Street Food Awards 2015 and it’s easy to see why.

Crema Caravan Burj Khalifa Mel Crema Caravan Blow Torch The Crema Caravan

Churros Bros

Traditional Spanish churros covered in sugar with a deliciously thick hot chocolate dipping sauce.  Save this one till last and eat it on your way home.

Eat The World DXB really didn’t disappoint.  We had a lovely evening listening to live music and eating all kinds of delicious food.

Check out Eat The World DXB at Burj Park, Downtown Dubai until 11pm Saturday 27th February.


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