Wallington Hall

Hooray for Sundays… the perfect time for a bit of sightseeing.  I’ll be museuming for most of the day, while Philip is rehearsing his next play.

When I lived in the UK, I took the National Trust and English Heritage for granted, I’ve probably mentioned it before. As a charity they take over buildings of historical significance, renovate them if necessary and then maintain them, while allowing us (the public) to visit and learn all about them.

Living in Belgium and seeing some of the incredible places that have been demolished, or are closed to the public;  partly because they are privately owned and the family has either run out of money, or doesn’t want to worry about the upkeep anymore is heartbreaking.

During my last trip to Northumberland, I spent a lovely couple of hours at Wallington Hall; a 100 acre estate, with an incredible house, walled garden, farm, clock tower – you know, just a typical pad in Northern England 😉

Dating back to 1475, the estate was owned by the Fenwick, Blackett and Trevelyan families before being sold to the National Trust.

Wallington Hall

Wallington Hall


The Central Hall is incredible, plus there is a room at the top of the house that was filled was the strangest artefacts and trinkets. As you walk around the house, there are a number of rooms you can visit, I was completely taken by the kitchen and the study – I seem to have a real thing for desks.  There are two tea rooms, one in the clock tower and a 40’s style cafe in the house itself.   If it’s a nice day, you should definitely give yourself a lot of time to explore the grounds, they are magnificent and vast!


Wallington Estate


I could have spent a great deal longer wandering around and I’d love to go back with a picnic one day and properly explore the rest of the estate. You should definitely add Wallington Hall to the top of your Daytripping list.

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