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Hey, I’m Millie. ¬†Welcome to Very Hungry Explorer, where I blog about my favourite things… travel, food and culture.

About Very Hungry Explorer

I started blogging in 2009 while I was living in the UK and setting up my first business.  Over the years Very Hungry Explorer has grown with me, helping me keep in touch with friends during my first international move and the three years I spent in Brussels.

When I relocated from Brussels to Dubai in 2015, I documented the highs and lows right here, helping other expats making the leap over to the UAE.

Now Very Hungry Explorer is where I document my travels, especially around the Middle East and my transition from vegetarian to vegan.

I love it when people get in touch, so please do come and say Hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or you can email me: michelle (at) veryhungryexplorer (dot) com

Thanks for stopping by.