Afternoon Tea at San Fairie Ann, Southend

San Fairie Ann Ceiling Decor

There is something delightfully mismatched and quirky about taking afternoon tea at San Fairie Ann.

The stunningly painted ceiling and the beautiful dresses hanging from it, the authentically vintage furniture, the cups and saucers that don’t quite go together, but compliment each other perfectly anyway.   There really are the most wonderful of little touches everywhere, which add something wonderful to the whole experience.

San Fairie Ann Dining Room Southend

As splendid as the decor is, the food is even better.   Their vegetarian offering was extremely tasty, starting with the traditional sandwiches you’d expect; egg mayonnaise, cheese & pickle, cream cheese and cucumber (I understand the menu has changed since I visited and it sounds even tastier).

afternoon tea at san fairie ann southend

But unlike a traditional afternoon tea, it didn’t stop there.  There was also the  tangiest and creamiest goats cheese crostini you can imagine and really, I could have eaten three of them.

San Fairie Ann Vegetarian Afternoon Tea

Ready to move onto something sweet we started on our selection of cakes, there were lots to choose from but my favourites were the rich chocolate torte followed by the refreshing baby lemon meringues.

San Fairie Ann Decor Southend on Sea

Quite unusual for an afternoon tea, the scones were brought out after we had finished the cakes. Not a huge fan of that if I’m honest, I prefer to finish with the sweetness of the cakes. Nonetheless my scone was huge, tasty and full of fruit.

San Fairie Ann Quirky Decor Southend Essex

I washed it all down with  a delicious pot of Earl Grey tea and am officially a big fan of the afternoon tea at San Fairie Ann. With it’s gorgeous piano bar, I think it would also be an excellent choice for dinner as well.

Looking for a tasty meal in Southend, I’d recommend San Fairie Ann


  • Hanna says:

    Ah, this reminds me so much of Alice in the Wonderland! Delicious those cakes must have been!! IS the the Southend close to London? I used to live there for 6 -9 months or so in 2005 😉 😉 MANY memories.

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