An Evening Of Photography at Slidefest XVI

Slidefest XVI Dubai

An entire evening dedicated to photographers and their personal projects – count me in!

And it seems I’m not the only one who feels like that, as this was the 16th Slidefest that Gulf Photo Plus was hosting.

An entirely free event, held in the Dubai Knowledge Village Auditorium,  talk about a great way to get inspired and meet other weirdos who like photographs as much as I do.

There were six photographers in all showcasing their work, a real mix of nationalities and styles.

Katarina Premfors has been working with Greenpeace to highlight the damage being done to Indonesia’s rainforests in order to farm palm oil.  She shared some beautiful images of the damage caused to both the people and the local area.

Katarina Premfors


Natalie Naccache has created an incredibly moving video, a book and photographs about a group of women who left Syria to go to University and now are unable to return to their homes.

Henry Hargreaves wasn’t able to attend the evening, but we watched a video about his ‘No Seconds’ project which looks at what some death row prisoners requested as their last meal.

Donald Weber has been working on a really interesting project – photographing the shrapnel that can still be found on Omaha Beach (where the D-Day landings took place)

Donald Weber - War Sand

Martin Beck photographed ordinary people around Dubai dressed as Superheroes and the results are fantastic.

Ironman Martin Beck


I had never heard of roof knocking before, but Celia Peterson has put together a very moving video and set of images all about it.

Celia explains “Roof Knocking is the practice of warning inhabitants of a building before it is destroyed.  This ‘warning’ is the firing of ‘a low yield divide’ (a bomb) to the roof of a house whereby the occupants have up to 5 minutes before the house is completely destroyed.

“The practice was used by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) in the August 2014 war, “Operation Protective Edge”. The term was used with a dual meaning: to denote the actual practice of Roof Knocking but also as a means of sugar-coating the exercise.  In many cases, houses in the Gaza Strip were bombed without any warning.

“The ‘Roof Knocking’ series was born as a testament to the 17,200 homes destroyed in ‘Operation Protective Edge’, to photograph these bombed houses in a simple way, contrasting the beauty of the shot with the ugliness of the action”

Roof Knocking Celia Peterson

Once it was finished and we were feeling all inspired, we made our way to the Marina for dinner at Chinese Village.  If it hadn’t been quite so warm we would have sat outside and soaked up more of that beautiful view.  Instead we took a table indoors and settled in for some excellent dim sum, giant spring rolls and curries – chicken for my good man and tofu for me.

Dubai Marina


We had a lovely evening and wandered back to our hotel with full bellies and lots to talk about, but that’s another story…

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