Slot Zeist

I saw pictures of Slot Zeist online and really wanted to go and explore it for myself.  Philip and I headed over there back in December and after we spent an hour walking around, we discovered that the actual old bit that we had come to see was closed.  My original plan was to head back and see it all properly and then write about it, but I’m not sure when I’ll get back there, so I thought I would write about it now instead!

Located near Utrecht, Slot Zeist was built in the Dutch style, but with Italian influences back in 1686.  It has had several owners since then and undergone a lot of restoration.   As we were driving there I thought we had gone the wrong way for a minute, as Slot Zeist is located in a pretty residential area.

It is a gorgeous looking house, with a lovely moat and if you’re a regular around here, you’ll know that I am particularly fond of a moat.

Slot Zeist

Slot Zeist

The right wing of the house is used to exhibit art, on display during our visit was work from Kees de Waal and Piet van Riel.  You start by making your way up to the top floor to watch a film about the artists (the film we saw was in Dutch, you then make your way down to see the exhibit and buy anything that catches your eye.


Art at Slot Zeist

As we weren’t able to visit the rest of Slot Zeist we made our way to the Brasserie for a bite to eat instead. We shared a spinach & cheese pie and a cheese & rocket roll then coffee and cake. All of which were delicious.  If you have an hour or so spare and are in the area, I would recommend checking it out.

Slot Zeist Brasserie