Built for the 1958 Expo in Belgium; The Atomium is one of those attractions that seems to divide people – they either love it or hate it.

Personally, I think it looks great. I love unusual architecture, just think how boring the world would be if all the buildings look the same?

Atomium AtomiumAfter sitting on the grass for a little frite picnic, we made our way inside.

You start by taking the lift up to the top floor and enjoying the views from the observation desk.  The views are fantastic and I love the way that they have pictures below the windows of the view from 1958, so you can compare the two – fascinating!

 Atomium View Atomium View Atomium View Atomium ViewThere is a permanent exhibition inside one of the spheres, which explains all about the ’58 expo and how the Atomium was designed. Which was actually really interesting…

Atomium ExhibitionOne of the other spheres is being used as a space for an art exhibition, all of the pieces used light, sound and movement… it was excellent.

Atomium Art Exhibition


According to the map of the Atomium it seems that the other spheres were for rent, which I don’t really understand, who would rent a space like that?  It also means that although the two exhibitions and viewing platform were interesting, they don’t really justify the €11 adult entry fee – we were in there for less than 90 minutes.

I did really like the escalator on the way out, it changed colour every few seconds, it had a great sci-fi feel to it!

Atomium Escalator


With its current exhibitions I would say that the Atomium is far more impressive outside than inside, which is a shame.  I would suggest taking a picnic and a bottle of bubbly and heading over at night when they light up for the spheres, I think that would be a much better way to visit.

Have you been in the Atomium?  What did you think?



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