So, I was back at the Hard Rock Cafe in Brussels last week.  Yes, I know I’ve been there a couple of times already over the last (nearly) two years; but I like it AND I had a voucher for a FREE BURGER (in capitals to demonstrate my excitement) so Philip and I sauntered over. I love trying new places to eat, but I also like going back to places that I know will be good.  Hard Rock Cafe is one of those places.  This is how it played out: //Walk in //Hostess smiles and greets us in English (my French accent seems to have improved absolutely none) //We are told it will be a 30 minute wait and are given our vibrating alert thingy //We take a seat at the bar and order beers //We drink beer, put the world to rights and watch music videos on the big screen – including this gem from Bobby McFerrin, which I had never seen the video to before and it definitely made me happy…

  //Thingy starts to flash and vibrate so we make our way to the hostess //We are taken upstairs to our table.  We admire the decor.   Inside Hard Rock Cafe Brussels   //Waiter arrives to take our order (and is smiling and chatty) //We order burgers and more beer //Drink arrives //Food Arrives I opted for the Tango Burger… apparently this is one of the more recent additions to their menu and it is fantastic.  It consisted of two burgers with a  sloppy-joe in between as well as cheese, barbecue sauce and a blue cheese and horseradish mayonnaise.   Tango Burger Hard Rock Cafe   I actually had no idea what a sloppy-joe was, and even now that I’ve eaten it, I still don’t really know.  I’ve decided not to worry about it though as I’m sure I’ll have one when I’m in New York later this year.   It was the blue cheese that really made it pop for me.  It brought out the the sweet smokiness of the barbecue sauce and made everything else taste delicious.   Bacon Cheeseburger Hard Rock Cafe   Philip went for the Hickory Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger,  which was a very tasty looking cheeseburger, with onions, bacon and barbecue sauce.   He literally couldn’t sit still long enough for me to take one bloody picture of it.  See the hand in the picture – yep that’s him.   He ate it in two seconds flat and basically said two words to me while he was eating.  This is (in the world of Philip) a very good sign and it means he likes the food very much and he wants to eat it all NOW. //BLOODY YUMMY I posted a picture of me with the Tango Burger in my weekly post, but I thought that I would show you some of the rejected pics!  It is very difficult to take a picture of me eating, that is natural and where I look nice.  The best we have been able to achieve is like, two out of the three.   I’m going to work on this (probably in the privacy of my own home though), I’ve seen other people look lovely in their eating shots, so it can be done! Eating Burgers at Hard Rock Cafe //Pay and Leave It was delicious, straightforward, required absolutely no thought or language skills on my part and sometimes that is exactly what I want. Have you been to a Hard Rock Cafe?  Are you a fan?

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