When Boon told me that he wanted to go and see the mudbrick ruins of a palace, I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but as it was a few minutes walk from the Saadian Tombs, I thought we might as well go.

It took armies of labourers 25 years to complete the Badii Palace. The walls and ceilings were encrusted with gold and it was said to be among the most magnificent palaces ever built.  100 years after being finished a conquering sultan came along and stripped the palace bare.

Badii Palace Entrance Badii Palace Marrakesh Badii Palace Pavillion Marrakech

Doors Badii Palace Koubba el Khamsiniya

You go up three flights of stairs to the terrace (each flight gets that little bit steeper), my knees did grumble a little, but the view at the top was worth it…

Terrace Steps Badii Palace Terrace View Badii Palace Marrakech

Satellite Dishes Badii Palace Morocco

As the houses in Marrakech are lower than I’m used to in Europe, you really notice the satellite dishes – it did seem a little weird to be stood on top of a palace built in 1578, looking at a mosque built in 1190, with all those dishes inbetween!

Badii Palace Terrace Marrakech

It seems that the Stork population of Marrakech is rather fond of the Badii Palace and there are many living there. Stork nests are HUGE!

According to my wonderful Guidebook, there is an old Berber belief that storks are actually transformed humans – which makes me wonder if the whole ‘stork delivering babies’ legend originates from something like that.

Storks Badii Palace Marrakesh Stork Nests Badii Palace

I absolutely loved the Badii Palace and am so glad I went (but don’t tell Boon that – we don’t want him thinking he was right about something!)

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