The two sandstone towers of the Basel Cathedral, can be spotted from quite a distance.

Basel Munster Door Munster Basel Front of Munster Basel

Spires Basel Munster

George and the Dragon Munster Basel

Basel Munster Exterior

Munster Basel

Inside, it is just as beautiful…

Basel Munster Interior Basel Munster Switzerland Cathedral Munster Basel Inside Basel Munster Inside of Munster Basel Munster Basel Interior Munster Basel Switzerland View inside Munster Basel Window Munster BaselThere were some fantastic sculptures inside, I had to get quite close up before I realised they were made of metal.

Sculpture Munster Basel Skull Sculpture Munster Basel.I could have spent hours walking around in there, but unfortunately they were closing, so I had to get a move on. I had time to take a quick snap of the view from the terrace before heading back to the hotel to escape the rain.

View from Basel Munster

Have you been to Basel?  What did you see while you were there?



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