Today, my blog turns three years old – which is rather exciting!

I first started it as a travel blog to keep a diary of my trip to Alaska, my blogging style has really changed since then, so I shan’t link back to those first posts… but to celebrate/reminisce I thought I would post some of my favourite pictures.

Alaska is amazingly beautiful. I’d go back, in a heartbeat – even during the dreaded winter.

Moose Fairbanks Alaska

There are Moose just wandering around – moose are massive by the way, you probably don’t want to upset one!

Husky Ride Alaska

I took this during our husky ride, which was unbelievable… you go so fast, but there is absolute silence – it’s really rather magical.

Car Stuck In Snow Alaska

Alaskan John managed to get his car stuck in the snow while we were looking for reindeer. Luckily people stopped to help…

Winter Road Fairbanks Alaska Moon University of Alaska Fairbanks Sunrise Fairbanks  Alaska Seward Alaska Snow Oil Pipe Alaska Igloo Hotel Alaska Freezing Water Alaska Alaskan River

More pics tomorrow!

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