Boat Trip to Fjäderholmarna

Fjäderholmarna Stockholm Sweden

With the sun shining and the wind blowing through my hair I really couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than on a boat trip to Fjäderholmarna.

Boat Ride to Fjäderholmarna

The ‘Good Morning Stockholm’ tour set sail just across the way from the Opera House at a wonderfully respectable 8.30am. With there being so much to do in Stockholm I found myself quite often feeling frustrated that pretty much all of the attractions opened at 10am and closed at 5pm.  I wanted more time to explore!

Boat To Fjäderholmarna

So an 8.30am start was excellent.  We started by sailing through Gamla Stan and admiring Stockholm in all of her incredible beauty. Before making our way out to Fjäderholmarna, the closest archipelago island to Stockhom, which dates back all the way to 1381.

Stockholm Buildings

Sailing through Stockholm

Stockholm Boat Trip Stockholm Sculpture

Once we docked, our guide spent almost an hour walking us around Fjäderholmarna, it is an incredible place.  Quiet and lush, there are no permanent residents, the only noise are the massive cruise ships that sail by, but they are pretty damn impressive to watch in their own right, so no one minds.

Fjäderholmarna Trees

Sailing to Fjäderholmarna


It was more nature than this City dweller has seen in a very long time and I loved all the trees, the uneven terrain and that smell.  Just the smell of clean. I strolled along soaking it all in, listening to stories about vodka wars and the merchant navy before settling down to enjoy the views, the quiet and a fabulous cup of coffee.

Glass Fjäderholmarna Fjäderholmarna House

At lunchtime Fjäderholmarna comes alive with the opening of the art gallery and museum of traditional boats, with artisans demonstrating glass blowing and pottery, while the island’s brewery starts pulling those pints and offering a behind the scenes tour of how they make their beer.

Fjäderholmarna Harbour

Fjäderholmarna is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Stockholm and really anything that involves a boat to get there, kind of feels like a holiday to me, so I would definitely spend some time there if you’re going to be in Stockholm.

Huge thanks to Visit Stockholm who provided me with a free pass for Strömma‘s boat trip to Fjäderholmarna.