Brussels City Museum

I’ve been into the Grand Place about a thousand times over the last three years, I’ve been amazed by the stunning architecture of guildhalls that surround you on all sides. I’ve snapped a gazillion pics and taken everyone who visited us in Brussels to see it, but this was the first time I actually made it inside one of those buildings.

Built in 1536, the gorgeous ‘King’s House’ has been home to the Museum of the City of Brussels since 1887.  Over three floors, the museum showcases the really rather interesting history of Brussels, plus there is an area dedicated to the Mannekin Pis costumes (I don’t think I’ll ever truly understand the whole Mannekin Pis thing).

I emerged after two hours with a much better understanding of this incredible City and how things have changed over the years.  Make sure you check out the scale models of how Brussels used to look, much more interesting than it sounds 😉

Museum of the City of Brussels, Grand Place, Brussels, 1000 

 Brussels City Museum

Incredible Ceiling Grand Place Brussels

Inside Museum of the City of Brussels

Statue Brussels Museum

Kings House Brussels

How Brussels Used To Look

Historical Model Brussels

Stained Glass Window Museum of the City of Brussels

Brussels Fire Picture

Fireplace Brussels Museum

Museum of the City of Brussels Illustrations

Mannekin Pis Costumes