Inside Canterbury Cathedral St Stephen Martyr Chapel

Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Whether you want to participate in the religious services, or, like me, want to marvel at the architecture and soak-up all that history, you won’t be disappointed by a trip inside Canterbury Cathedral. And those ceilings, my goodness, I could just stare at those incredible ceilings for hours – in…

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San Fairie Ann Ceiling Decor

Afternoon Tea at San Fairie Ann, Southend

There is something delightfully mismatched and quirky about taking afternoon tea at San Fairie Ann. The stunningly painted ceiling and the beautiful dresses hanging from it, the authentically vintage furniture, the cups and saucers that don’t quite go together, but compliment each other perfectly anyway.   There really are the…

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River Crouch Essex

Churchyard Instagram Mission

There is something incredibly exciting about finding an album of photographs that you had completely forgotten about – especially when they tell the story of an Instagram mission my Mum and I went on during my last trip to the UK. We took a drive on a lovely day and…

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Bobby Jo's 1950's Diner Southend On Sea

Back At Bobby Jo’s Diner

I feel like I’ve been dragging my heels in publishing this and I suspect that’s because it is my final post from my UK trip.  It makes me realise just how long it is going to be before I’m back and I’m not sure I’m entirely comfortable with thinking about…

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Balloons London View

Viewing London From The Orbit

When I told Philip I was taking Mum to The Orbit, he didn’t have a clue what I was on about.  ‘The big squiggly sculpture at the Olympic Park’ I told him,  ‘you can go up to the top and look out over London’. I still don’t think he really…

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Lambs Marsh Farm

Mucking About At Marsh Farm

Our day at Marsh Farm started with Brunch – as all good days should.  The charming Tillie’s Tea Room making a lovely setting to tuck into our fry-ups.  Sausages for the meat-eaters and lots of mushrooms for me. Before long the birthday boy arrived along with the rest of the family….

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Mum and Niece Ella London

A Morning At The Tate Modern

I can’t remember what we were talking about when my beloved Niece Ella told me that she wanted to go to an art gallery.  But it stuck in the back of my mind and as soon as I had the chance I took both her and my Mum to check…

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Grumpy's Diner Southend

Happy Dining at Grumpy’s

Southend-on-Sea isn’t a huge place, so I was rather surprised to learn that it has two completely separate 1950’s diners.  It seemed only fair that I compare the two 😉 Grumpy’s Diner is the newer kid on the block, unlike Bobby Jo’s it is located away from the busy seafront….

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Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour of London

A tour of Central London, on a traditional red bus WHILST you have afternoon tea.  I discovered that my dream could be a reality whilst reading this post from Jess-On-Thames and new that I had to try it out for myself. After a stroll through London and a visit to the…

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Feeding Cows

Feeding The Animals; Our Last Day In Stapleford

It may seem that I am a little behind with my posts at the moment, but I’m not.  OK I am a little, but only because I am trying to keep things in some kind of chronological(ish) order.  Now that I’ve finished all my NYC posts, it’s time to get…

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Inside St Martin-in-the-Fields London


Think of churches in London and your mind probably goes straight to St Paul’s and Westminster Cathedral and while these are incredible places to visit, I hope after reading this post, you’ll take the time to visit St Martin-in-the-Fields as well. It gets its name (in case you’re interested) because…

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British Museum Entrance London


According to TripAdvisor there are 3,584 attractions in London. That’s bonkers, no wonder people are often overwhelmed about what to see and do while they’re there. For me, a winning combination for a day in London would be visiting a museum/art gallery, eating delicious food, chatting with friends, having a…

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Maggi Hambling Walls of Water Exhibition National Gallery


What a difference a fortnight makes; after my not overly successful visit to the Museum of Mistakes exhibition at WIELS I wanted to check out something a little more traditional and made my way the National Gallery on my first day in London. Before we get to the art though, let’s…

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Battlesbridge Essex


Mum and I could not have wished for a more glorious day to go and explore Battlesbridge.   A tiny village on the banks of the River Crouch, we decided to pay a visit to the fabulous Battlesbridge Antiques Centre and  have a mooch around. I think I said “Oh…

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Steam Train on Viaduct at Sunset

Great Central Railway, Nottinghamshire

On the 27th of December, my lovely hubby turned 40. Originally we discussed going on a big adventure to a distant land to celebrate, in the end he decided that he wanted to spend the day with our bestest friends;  The Kent’s – hooray! After a morning of reading story…

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