Departure by Xavier Mascaró at Warehouse 421 in Abu Dhabi

Departure at Warehouse421

Good art will capture your imagination and make you think.  The best art will make you reflect on real life events without shoving them down your throat. It’s a delicate balance and something that I often struggle with, but  Xavier Mascaró has hit the nail on the head with Departure.  A…

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Square du Petit Sablon Brussels

How To Spend A Day In Brussels

Unlike some brash European capitals, Brussels is a rather modest city.  She doesn’t make her best bits obvious, she is much more subtle than that.  Both the  Grand Place and the Atomium should be on your list of course.  But once you’ve spent a couple of hours with those, here is how to spend…

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Seydou Keïta Exhibition Leila Heller Gallery Dubai

Seydou Keïta at Leila Heller Gallery

If you were going to have your photograph taken for the first time, how would you want to look? What would you want the world to see?  How would you want future generations of your family to remember you? That’s a lot of pressure right?  And something that seems quite…

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Atlantis Palm Jumeirah

Flying High Over Dubai

I hadn’t realised just how fast helicopters go.  We zoomed our way from one end of Dubai to the other and back again in no time at all.  Which is a welcome change to the traffic that we’re usually stuck in! Phil decided that the celebration of our ninth wedding…

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Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Face

Dubai Miracle Garden

It’s really the last thing you’d expect to find in the desert of Dubai;  a huge garden with displays that would put Kew to shame.  As soon as you walk through the tilted houses into Dubai Miracle Garden, it’s tough to believe that you’re still in the UAE (except for…

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Musee du Marrakech Central Court

Eight Museums You Must Visit

Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than mooching around a museum, soaking up knowledge and getting your geek on?  Seeing as it was International Museum Day last week I wanted to share some of my favourite museums with you. It’s unusual for me to visit, well anywhere…

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Sunrise Silhouette

Climbing Sand Dunes in the Empty Quarter

I’ve stumbled my way up to the top of a sand dune on two occasions.  Firstly when I arrived at the Empty Quarter; I grabbed the hand of my bestest friend (who came to Dubai for a visit) and ran as fast as my unfit legs and screaming lungs could…

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Mantoushe JLT Veggie Options

Veggie Deliciousness at Mantoushe, JLT

Nestled away between the high-rise buildings of JLT. The area around Mantoushe is surprisingly green.  Even taking my seat on a cloudy day, that is so rare in Dubai, it was lovely watching the trees blowing in the wind. A modern twist on traditional Lebanese food, the decor is simple…

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Hagia Sophia

The Sights of Sultanahmet

Is there anywhere else in the world that is so very jam-packed full of major sites than Sultanahmet? Once known as Constantinople, Sultanahmet is a small neighbourhood located on the edge of the ever-expanding city of Istanbul. Our first stop was the Hagia Sophia.  Built in 537 the church survived…

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Happy Maki Sushi

A Vegetarian Guide to Eat The World DXB

Out of all the Dubai Food Festival events (and there are quite a few) Eat The World DXB was the one I was most excited about; a celebration of Food Trucks and Street Food. Fifteen trucks have been brought in from the UK and joined forces with some of the UAE’s…

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Sunset Bahrain National Museum

Relaxing at the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq

It’s not what a hotel gets right that shows you how good it is, it’s  how it fixes what went wrong I think it was my friend Alison from Cheeseweb who first something like that to me about somewhere she was staying.  I couldn’t really relate at the time, but after…

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Topkapi Palace from Galata Tower

Crossing The Galata Bridge

Are you sure we can get through there, it doesn’t look like a road to me I lost count of how many times Phil asked me that question while we were walking around the Galata neighbourhood of Istanbul. Dating back to at least the third century,  Galata was called Pera by…

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800 Degrees Pizza, MOE, Dubai from

800 Degrees Pizza at MOE

I stumbled across the opening of 800 Degrees Pizza quite accidentally.  Phil and I were meant to be heading to a private film screening, but a lack of available cabs and a shit tonne of traffic meant that we were way too late for that. So we thought we’d check…

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Dubai Butterfly Garden from

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Is there anyone who doesn’t love butterflies?  So beautiful and delicate, I remember as a kid, lying in fields of long grass as flashes of colour would zoom about around me. The Dubai Butterfly Garden hasn’t been open for very long, but it promised hundreds of different species within a…

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We Love Art Dubai Wine and Paint Night from Very Hungry Explorer

Painting Dali and Drinking Wine

Since I was a kid,  I’ve told myself that I am not very creative and I’m ‘rubbish at arty stuff’.  But over the last year or so, I’ve been strangely attracted to arts and crafts type things. When I saw that local company We Love Art were offering the chance to…

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