Climbing Sand Dunes in the Empty Quarter

Sunrise Silhouette

I’ve stumbled my way up to the top of a sand dune on two occasions. 

Firstly when I arrived at the Empty Quarter; I grabbed the hand of my bestest friend (who came to Dubai for a visit) and ran as fast as my unfit legs and screaming lungs could carry me to the top of the sand, hoping to catch the sunset (we did, but only just!).

Sunrise Empty Quarter

And the very next morning, I found myself climbing a much bigger sand dune at a much slower, but no steadier pace to see the sunrise.

We tried to find the lowest key of all the ‘desert camping trips’ available, but without a private guide, there was no way of escaping the belly-dancing, heaving buffet tables, sand-boarding, camel rides, shisha and henna – although I do actually love henna.

Sand Dune Sunrise

Tents and Camels UAE Desert

We had the most splendid evening, drinking wine and watching the stars. We slept in huge tents, that came equipped with a proper double bed and air-con (which is the closest I get to camping), oh and we saw a scorpion.

Camel Road Sign Dubai UAE Desert Bedouin Oasis Camp UAE Desert Moon Desert Sunrise Walk Desert Breakfast Camels Empty Quarter UAE Sunrise Silhouette

There are so many different sides to the United Arab Emirates,  this one is well worth a visit. Next time I’m taking a telescope.