You’re in Belgium, it’s Sunday the sun is shining, it’s lovely and warm – what are you going to do?  Drive to the coast of course!

Oostende Boat Oostende Harbour Oostende Marina Oostende


There were some sculptures on the seafront, which I like, in a strange crushed crisp packet kind of way…

Oostende Art


The beach was rather busy, which is fine – I’m not really a ‘sit on the beach’ kind of person, but I do like to stroll along it…

Oostende Beach Oostende Boon Oostende Mills Oostende Seafront


There was a lifeguard training session going on, which was rather exciting – there were lots of boats and a helicopter…

Oostende Lifeguards

Oostende was lovely to spend a couple of hours walking around in the sunshine and get some sea air. I do enjoy a stroll by the sea.

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