Trees Sherwood Forest

I have around 300 published posts on VHE, some of which date back to 2010.  In an effort to get organised and make sure all my posts are still current, I’m going through them all one and one (no, it isn’t time consuming at all ;-))  and updating as necessary.

Robin Hood is probably everybody’s favourite heroic outlaw. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor.  He and his Merry Men lived in Sherwood Forest. Just how elaborate those tree houses were depends on which version of the film you see!

Each and everytime I think of Robin Hood (even with my well documented love of Bryan Adams) I sing this song in my head.  That’s the power of good advertising people!

I had to check out Sherwood Forest when I was in Nottingham and see the infamous Major Oak.

The first thing I learnt about Sherwood Forest is that it isn’t actually IN Nottingham.  It’s in the county of Nottinghamshire, sure, but not in actual Nottingham, which did mess with my head a little bit.

But all that was quickly forgotten once I actually made it inside.  It is an incredibly beautiful place.  Even in winter when the trees are bare…

Major Oak Sherwood Forest

Trees Sherwood Forest

Now, I’m off to get some Weetabix!

Check out Sherwood Forest’s website for more info

*This is an updated version of post originally published in 2012.


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