There is something I find very exciting about a dinner cruise.  To be honest I love being on a boat in general (as long as it’s a decent sized boat – I’m not a very good swimmer and get worried that we’ll sink), but heading out on the water while the sun is setting AND getting to eat delicious food is one of my favourite ways to spend an evening.


Drottningholm Dinner Cruise Map


With Stockholm being surrounded by so much water, we took the opportunity to head out on the SS Prins Carl Philip for a two and a half hour cruise around Lake Malaren over to Drottningholm Palace and back.

The boat left at 6pm from outside City Hall. Takes just over an hour to reach Drottningholm, we had 10 minutes at the palace before starting the trip back.


Dinner Cruise Malaren Lake Stockholm


The views around the lake were stunning, it is fascinating that just five minutes out of a city like Stockholm is such greenery.


Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

Dinner Cruise Drottningholm Palace Stockholm

OK, that’s the beautiful scenery covered, so it’s time to talk food.  There are two options when you book your cruise, you can pay 540 SEK (€59) for a three course, set meal or 175 SEK (€20) for the cruise and then choose from the a la carte menu once you are on board.   We decided to opt for the latter.   The menu had a great selection of traditional and modern dishes, we decided to share all our food, so effectively I had 6 small dishes!

To start we had an assortment of pickled herring with traditional accompaniment and marinated beef fillet, thinly sliced, served with mushrooms in truffle oil.  The herring was very nice, probably not something I would bother making at home though.  The beef on the other hand, my goodness, it was spectacular, so tender and juicy and tasty.


Marinated Beef Fillet, Mushrooms and Truffle Oil

Pickled Herring with Traditional Accompaniments


Our main dishes were; Marinated lamb outer fillet with a goats cheese potato cake and red wine sauce and Archipelago’s fish casserole with mussels and prawns, topped with aioli.  The fish casserole with very tasty, there were lots of prawns, but it could have done with some more mussels in my opinion.  What really did bring the dish together though was the aioli on top. I’ve not had that on a dish before, usually I just dunk my frites in aioli, but it worked perfectly.  It is definitely something I’m going to explore more.

The lamb was perfectly cooked for me, not at all chewy (which I often find lamb can be), and full of flavour and as if that wasn’t enough, the goats cheese potato cake was just sublime.  The perfect amount of cheesy and crunchy and potato and just fantastic.  The rocket and tomato with pesto on top complemented the dish perfectly.


Archipelago Fish Casserole with Aioli

Lamb with Goats Cheese Potato Cake


We had dessert on the way back from Drottningholm Palace, it was tough to choose, but we went for Apple & Hazelnut Cake with whipped cream  and Raspberry parfait with chocolate mousse and lime flavoured blueberries.  They were both delicious, although the blueberries tasted just like blueberries to me, so I’m not sure where the lime was supposed to be.  We finished everything off with a coffee and then made our way back into the harbour.


Apple and Hazelnut cake

Raspberry Parfait with Chocolate Mousse


I would definitely recommend this trip (or something similar) if you’re in Stockholm, it really was a wonderful way to spend an evening.

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