Doel Rat

Walking around Doel is rather eerie.  Most of the inhabitants abandoned the town when the Flemish government announced that they would be demolishing the whole place in order to expand the port.

I’ve never been somewhere with hardly any people, where almost every house has smashed windows and is covered in either impressive street art or regular old graffiti.

It is an incredible place to photograph, I took 395 pictures… don’t worry I’ve narrowed it down and just included my favourites in this post!


Doel Abandoned Street

Doel Rat

Street Art Doel


Doel Playground

Doel Gorilla

Doel Green Man


I snuck into a few of the abandoned buildings, just to see what it was like inside.  It was pretty much as you’d imagine, but looking through some of the broken windows you could see that some people had left without any of their furniture – which I found strange and worrying.


Abandoned House Doel


Every now and then I came across a house that was perfectly maintained and obviously still lived in.  I think that was what I found the most difficult to take in.  I can’t imagine how sad it must be to drive through a ‘ghost town’ to get to your own house.  I really don’t know if I would have the strength to protest the demolition of the town and stay in my house for so long.


People Still Living in Doel

Doel Rubble

Doel Snail

Doel Street Art


Doel’s church is still standing and seems to still be operating. There is also a rather lovely graveyard that I walked round, I wonder what will happen to the church and the people buried there if they do go through with the demolition of the town.  There seems something rather wrong about moving all the coffins, but leaving them there and building a port all around them, seems even worse.


Doel Church

Demolished Doel

Doel - Street Art

Abandoned Doel


After a couple of hours of wandering, it was time for some lunch. Right on the edge of Doel, there is a windmill (the irony of the nuclear power plant behind the windmill, isn’t lost on me!)  Inside that windmill is De Molen, a brasserie with a nice decor and very reasonable prices,  is unfortunately not somewhere I would go back to.  I went for the Croque Monsieur, which was I’m afraid very dry and the ‘vegetable salad??’ that accompanied it was straight from a tin.  The service was pretty rotten as well.


De Molen Doel


Dodgy Croque Monsieur aside, I really enjoyed my time in Doel.  It is an incredible place.  A couple of reports that I’ve read online since, say that it is no longer economically viable for the Flemish government to demolish the town, other reports say that it will be gone by 2020.     If you can, you should go and spend some time there, sooner rather than later.


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  • Holly says:

    That is so eerie! I love it though. It is incredible. The graffiti is just so beautiful though, really makes the town interesting to look at.

  • gracey says:

    Wow! The grafitti art is incredible and should be saved….interesting area to visit….

  • caminioca says:

    That is very eerie indeed! I can’t believe they actually still do that to people, just tell them ‘okay, come on, move along’…so weird! Makes for beautiful photography though!

  • Wow! This is so interesting. I can’t imagine living here.. I guess there would be no work, so they would have to drive to nearby towns? I love all the graffiti!

  • Oh my! This could be a great location for a sci-fi movie. Definitely looks eerie and apocalyptic….especially the windmill in front of the nuclear power plant, so strange!! I haven’t heard of this city before and why they built a harbour (or just anything) that close to the power plant is beyond me…..Anyways, there are a lot of towns and villages in Germany that are relocated too mainly for mining purposes though and none of them is so impressive! Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • It was a fascinating place, as we were walking around we kept thinking that we could be on the set for an apocalypse movie. Especially when we saw the ‘zombie house’ I think it’s really sad that they relocate towns, but I guess that’s ‘progress’?!

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