Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Face

It’s really the last thing you’d expect to find in the desert of Dubai;  a huge garden with displays that would put Kew to shame.  As soon as you walk through the tilted houses into Dubai Miracle Garden, it’s tough to believe that you’re still in the UAE (except for the heat of course!)

Dubai Miracle Garden Tilted House

Dubai Miracle Garden Falcon

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Boat Flamingo

Dubai Miracle Garden House

As you’d expect from Dubai, the Miracle Garden is of course the largest natural flower garden in the world.

Flowers at Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Train

Dubai Miracle Garden Upside Down Car Fountain

Take a stroll along a street lined with flower houses, climb the hill to a magical land of toadstools, marvel at the Burj Khalifa made out of oranges and escape the sun by taking a seat under a sea of umbrellas.

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Display

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Houses

Dubai Miracle Garden Toadstool Stag

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Tap

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower House

Dubai Miracle Garden Bikes

Dubai Miracle Garden Water Fountain

Dubai Miracle Garden Flower Path

Dubai Miracle Garden Umbrella

The remaining props from the long lost Dubai Land make for an incredible backdrop to all those flowers.

Motorcycle Flowers Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Flowers

Dubai Miracle Garden Mountain

If you’re really lucky, hidden in the bushes you’ll find a gang of the cutest kittens, fighting over the shady spot.

Visiting Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden Kitten Tongue Dubai Miracle Garden Kitten

Dubai Miracle Garden Bird Eating

Millions of beautifully landscaped flowers that have been planted in the desert.  Even my cynical self has to admit that it really is a miracle.

When you’re done exploring the Dubai Miracle Garden, definitely pop next door to the Butterfly Garden. 

You can check opening times and whatnot on the DMG’s Facebook Page.


  • Hanna says:

    AAAWW the kittens. We have been twice in Miracle Gardens and both times I have liked the place a lot. Anyhow, I do feel awful, that so much water is spent on a garden like this size in this heat, hoping they do it in a most sustainable way as possible.

  • Waz says:

    Gardens aren’t the first thing that come to mind when I think of Dubai, but this place looks like a fun time! Love how everything is so colorful and playful. And of course, being a cat lady, I always enjoy meeting new kitties. Hope I’ll have a chance to visit someday!

  • Mitzie Mee says:

    Miracle Garden is one of the places in Dubai, which has been on my list forever (together with Global Village and The Sum of Us). Still haven’t made it out there, but from your photos it seems to be worth the drive:) Hope the kittens are still around when I get there:)

  • I visited the Dubai Miracle Garden on a February just before I left Dubai, it’s a great place to walk around specially since it wasn’t hot when we visited. I’ve never been to the Butterfly Garden, I think it wasn’t there yet when I left Dubai.

  • Passmethedimsum says:

    Lovely pictures! Us Dubai denizens tend to miss the beauty that surrounds us everyday because we’re so lost in our thoughts and miss what’s right in front of us. Thanks for the reminder!

  • sileas says:

    Wow what a beautiful garden and amazing photos! You’re right, I’d never thought this was in Dubai and if I ever get there, this is a must-visit!

  • Sofia says:

    I love the cats! Whoa what a garden, it’s amazing that they manage to keep it like that in that heat!

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