Ellen's Stardust Diner NYC

You know how in old films, people get dressed up and go out for dinner and show. I love that but there aren’t many opportunities for that kind of thing nowadays.  Google it and there will be plenty of options for where to eat before or after the theatre, but nothing for a show that you  watch while you’re eating your dinner.

Naturally, because New York is New York there is somewhere to watch people performing while you eat and that is Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

A 1950’s theme diner, Ellen’s has been open since 1987 – so it must be doing something right!

You can’t make reservations, but we were assured that the queue moves quickly, as we went on a Monday evening we were seated straight away.  The tables upstairs don’t offer quite as good a view of the action, but you can still hear all the songs.

There is no stage, what you get are the servers bopping around, singing into a microphone, while they serve your food. And bugger me can these guys sing; many of the staff are ‘jobbing’ actors and singers, that work at Ellen’s in between jobs on Broadway, or they’re waiting for their big break. They sing everything from current hits to Broadway numbers (as you’d expect) to the Sinatra classics.  Check out some of these clips to see what I mean…




In terms of food, there is a huge menu full all the options you’d expect at a diner and then some,  truly something for everyone.  There is also a rather comprehensive cocktail list (woohoo!)

Food at Ellen's Stardust Diner New York

I went for the pizza burger (keep in mind, this was before I was veggie) which was perfectly cooked beef covered in marinara sauce and tons of melted mozzarella cheese – it was indeed very much like a pizza. My pals had nacho’s, ribs and deep-fried macaroni cheese and I was informed that they were all very tasty.

The whole thing was such fun.  I would love to go back for breakfast – talk about a great way to start the day!

//You can find out more about Ellen’s Stardust Diner and see the full menu on their website.


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