Knees To Chin

I love not being sure how to eat a dish.  That moment of uncertainty, when you either need to wait for your dining companions to go first and show you how it’s done, or admit your ignorance and hope they won’t laugh at you.

The last time it happened to me was at Knees to Chin.  A little restaurant in the Bailli area of Brussels that serves fresh and healthy Vietnamese rice paper rolls.

The rolls weren’t what I had been expecting.  I thought they would be like little spring rolls, but they were nearly the size of a buritto and the rice paper they had been wrapped in meant that you could see the filling.

The vegetarian options for me were (€3.80 each)

  • Coconut egg omelette, avocado and  caramelised onions with sweet chilli sauce
  • Wakame seaweed, edamame, wasabi mayonnaise and mint with soy sauce

They were delicious; the ingredients were crunchy and fresh, which complemented the soft rice paper perfectly. Plus, the combination of the different elements worked well together. Each roll was perfectly balanced with no single ingredient overpowering the rest – which is always tricky when you’re dealing with wasabi.

The relaxed decor and atmosphere were perfect for sipping on my Chang beer and having a good catch-up with Alison and Maxine while we tucked in.

Unfortunately their vegetarian steamed buns had sold out for the day, so I couldn’t try those. But I’ll be back!

You can find out more about Knees To Chin on their website.


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