Old Town Heidelberg Germany

No matter how crappy a week I’ve had, everything can be made better with a couple of days spent in a proper old town.  Even if we’re not exploring any particular visitor attractions and we just wander. Carefully making our way down cobbled streets, strolling along fast-flowing rivers, lurking on bridges, stopping at little holes in the walls to enjoy traditional street food, popping into ancient churches and snapping a gazillion pictures.

Whilst I was feeling all unsettled and weird after my trip to the UK, Philip found out that his play rehearsal had been cancelled for that Sunday and so we declared it the perfect time to find an old town to explore and spend time together.

Heidelberg had been on our list for a while, mainly because of its splendid old town, so we booked a hotel and started on the four-hour drive for a bit of R&R.

It is every bit as fabulous as I thought it would be, actually that’s not true; Heidelberg was even more beautiful than I imagined. Take a look for yourself…

Heidelberg Aldstadt


We stopped for a bit of coffee and strudel, where I learnt that there is a face I pull as a dessert is put down in front of me, a dessert face if you will, which is news to me, but Philip was quite keen to capture it. Once we had refuelled it was time to head back and soak up more of those incredible buildings.

Heidelberg Castle

Old Bridge Heidelberg

Aldstadt Heidelberg

Church of the Holy Spirit Heidelberg

After a quick rest at our hotel (more on that next week) we headed out for a bite to eat.  We were both really impressed by the variety of different restaurants on offer and how cheap they were.  Which is probably because Heidelberg is a University town – in fact Heidelberg University is the oldest in Germany.

We decided on Italian in the end at the Trattoria Toscana.  With a couple of glasses of bubbly, I tucked into an incredibly fresh and tasty tomato and mozzarella salad and then homemade gnocchi with a rich and tasty Gorgonzola sauce. The gnocchi was incredibly filling – although it doesn’t look it from the picture.

I could have spent another week getting to know Heidelberg, there is so much to do there.  If you’re ever close by and get the chance to visit, you should snap it up.

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  • Holly says:

    I miss that about Europe – being able to slip away to a beautiful old town for a day or even a couple of days. Everything is so new and modern here and not at all pretty. I hope you are beginning to feel a little bit more settled x

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