Feeding The Animals; Our Last Day In Stapleford

Feeding Cows

It may seem that I am a little behind with my posts at the moment, but I’m not.  OK I am a little, but only because I am trying to keep things in some kind of chronological(ish) order.  Now that I’ve finished all my NYC posts, it’s time to get cracking on the couple of weeks I spent in the UK.

With our impending move to Dubai, our first stop on the ‘farewell UK’ tour was to Stapleford.  This is a little town just outside of Nottingham, where Phil and I had a flat for a few months and the home from our best friends; The Kent’s.

Breakfast Waffles

Becky and Wil are all round awesome people and their three children make my heart swell with joy.  We started our last day there with some delicious waffles for breakfast, then headed to The Lanes Garden Centre, which has a fabulous selection of animals on it that you can feed.  We’ve been before and I think I can safely say that the adults enjoy it as much as the kids.

Feeding Goats

Lamb Cuteness

What are Ewe Looking At?


Feeding Cows

After that it was time for lunch, we headed to Vivo’s, a fabulous little Italian that we visited on a reasonably frequent basis, while we lived in the area.  They are so lovely in there and it’s a child-friendly place, which isn’t usually something that I give much thought to.  But both Locksley and Willow were happy with the options on the kid’s menu and ate up all of their pizza and ice-cream.


Vivo Goats Cheese Starter

VIVO Cheese and Tomato Pizza

Vivo Arancini

Cheesecake VIVO

Us grown-up’s enjoyed our food as well.  My goats cheese starter was the perfect balance of creamy and sharp and I could have eaten a few of them. The only veggie main on their lunchtime special was pizza, which had a base that was just a little too crispy for me, but the cheese and tomato topping was lovely.  I’m so pleased that we decided to have dessert, the cheesecake was divine.

Writing this I realised I had cheese for each course, which hadn’t actually occurred to me at the time!

Saying goodbye hurt, A LOT.  I can’t wait for them to come and visit 🙂