Fes el Bali is the Medina in Fes, it dates back to the year 859 and there are no cars allowed inside the city walls – it is also the only Medina that isn’t flat – it’s shaped like a bowl – so you need to be prepared for some very steep hills around the edges.

It is, as you would expect, beautiful. As much as I love to take pictures, this is the kind of place that you need to use all of your senses in – so I spent a lot of time just mooching around, especially around the souks and mosques; the streets are generally very narrow, it is roasting hot (even in winter), there are people everywhere – both tourists wandering around and locals trying to sell you things, there are mules and carts to dodge, there is an awful lot of poo and wee (from the mules) to make sure you don’t step in and of course there are amazing sights around every corner.

Fes el Bali Gate Fes el Bali Mosque Fes el Bali Souk Fes el Bali Fes Medina City Walks Fes Medina Fes Mosque Fes Mule Fes Souk Fez Medina Souks Fez Souk

Fes Blue Gates MJR Fes

Fes el Bali is an amazing place and I can’t wait to go back. There are still so many things that I want to do there and I think I will definitely get a guide when I go next, just to make it easier to get around.

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