Given my love of theme parks and our desire to get away from the real world after our wedding, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that Boon and I went to Florida for our honeymoon.

Mainly though we were at Disneyworld and Cape Canaveral.  We stayed in the Wilderness Lodge Hotel and took full advantage of our ten-day park pass.

Disneyworld is (if you like that kind of things) awesome. It is huge, it is loud, it is vibrant, it is wonderful.  It is also full of children, which I’m prepared to suffer through so I can go on the rides!

Animal Kingdom Crocodile Animal Kingdom DisneyWorld Florida Elephants Animal Kingdom Epcot Giraffe Animal Kingdom Indiana Jones Disneyworld Lion King Show Disneyworld Magic Kingdom Castle MGM Studios Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyworld Florida


Even I was impressed with Cape Canaveral.  We spent a lot of time mooching around exploring and imagining how cool it would be if we were astronauts.

Cape Canaveral Florida Cape Canaveral


All in all, we had a wonderful trip. Having now been I wouldn’t be worried about going back – unless I was taking children with me.

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