Flying Business Class – Is It Worth It?

Flying Business Class

It took me a little while to get my seat exactly how I wanted it.  I started in lounge mode then just shortened my leg area ever so slightly, so that my feet were on the exact level of the foot rest.  Up far enough so I could type and watch TV, but far enough back so that I can relax. The massage mode is working its’ magic on my calf muscles and as I have the middle seat, it’s like I have my own little luxurious cave.

I very nearly went to see Selma at the cinema last night, but I’m glad I didn’t in the end as I’m watching it right now, on a TV screen that is bigger than my laptop, using the fancy noise-cancelling headphones I’ve been given.

As soon as I had sat down and gotten myself organised, I was bought a glass of champagne.  That is long gone now, but I’ve got a Kir Royal on the way, so I’ll be OK.

Yep – I’m flying Business Class for the first time ever and it is bloody brilliant.   I couldn’t help but grin my little face off as we walked passed all the people still queueing for their economy seats #sorrynotsorry

Once on board, I couldn’t decide whether to play it cool and act like I do this sort of thing all the time or let my excitement bubble over and point all the awesome stuff out about our seats, while grinning like a loon.  I opted for the latter – because it’s way more fun 🙂

After we were in the air, a lovely steward came over to check I was OK, that I had everything I needed and to confirm my meal – I had ordered the vegetarian option.  When it was time to eat, my table was set with a linen tablecloth and full sized cutlery (quite the luxury on a plane) I chose my wine (a very dry Chardonnay) and my water (sparkling of course)

I started tucking into my dinner as soon as it arrived – I’m not a particularly fast eater and as the bread, salad and aubergine dish were all delicious, I savoured the lot, feeling nicely full when I’d finished.  It was then that the steward asked me if I was ready for the main course – yep that was just the starter.

I barely made it through half of my mushroom main, which was full of flavour and couldn’t even touch dessert (which broke my heart just a tiny little bit), but they brought ice-cream round a little later, so it was soon whole again.

When it was time to sleep the ceiling became full of stars…

Star Ceiling Emirates Business Class

My only complaint about flying business class is that the Brussels to Dubai flight only took seven hours – I wanted to be in the air for much longer to make the most of it!

In all seriousness, flying business was a treat to celebrate our move (plus we needed that extra luggage allowance – a splendid 40 kilos each) and not something that I would do every time I fly.  Not that it isn’t fabulous – it is, but the price difference between economy and business is MASSIVE and if it isn’t a long-haul flight, I would save my money for another trip instead.

For flights over 10 hours, I say book Business Class if you can, especially if you’re flying overnight.  It is lovely to arrive refreshed and ready for the day and let’s face it, that doesn’t really happen when you fly economy.

Our car was waiting to take us straight to our serviced apartment (did I mention that you get free transfer to and from the airport with business)… but that’s another story.