Places to Visit Map

Remember the Day Tripping Bowl of Destiny?

Well, as fun as it was, we visited all the Cities that were in there a little while ago and wanted to try something new, so I looked at the online options and came up with a whole new way of keeping track of the places I want to visit.

I was quite surprised that Google Maps had the perfect solution. Basically I ‘save’ the places I want to visit and Google adds them as little stars on my map. How cool is that?! Then when I’m looking for somewhere to go, I click on the star and it gives me all the information I could need.

This is what my map looks like – obviously without the purple arrows!


Places to Visit Map


Once I know roughly how far we want to travel, I click on a star and see what it is… now the good thing about this is that I can easily click through the website, see what the opening times are, read reviews that people have left and get an idea of the route we’ll take using the directions.

Then once I’ve been somewhere I just delete the saved place from the map.


Add a place map



You do have to be logged into Google for this to work, but I use Google for pretty much everything, so that’s fine for me!

I’d love to know how you keep all the places you want to visit organised…

*reading this back I realise it almost reads like it’s sponsored by Google – it isn’t, I just thought it was a really nifty way to keep myself organised!


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