Girls Night Out at La Piola

My love for La Piola (a little Italian restaurant near Place Flagey) is no secret. The food is excellent, the service is quick and very friendly, plus once we’ve finished eating, they seem very happy to leave us there chatting and drinking.

It was the ideal venue for our girls night out. Maxine, Elfya, Sandy, Linn, Emily and myself spent hours catching-up, drinking wine, eating cheese, putting the world to rights, eating pasta and laughing.  And with five bloggers around a table, I didn’t feel at all self-conscious about taking pictures of everything.  The rest of the diners in the restaurant must have thought we were bonkers though!

Another thing that I love, is that they have little pots to put your leftovers in, so if you aren’t able to eat it all you can take it home for lunch the next day.  Which is handy as the portions are rather generous.

Girls nights out really are the best.

La Piola’s website is currently under construction, but you can find out more on their Facebook Page


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