Going Round And Round The Guggenheim in New York

Inside the Guggenheim New York

It should come as no surprise to hear that we headed over to the Upper East Side to check out the Guggenheim while we were in New York.  We had to see that infamous spiral staircase and the art of course.

The main gallery area – which runs alongside the staircase – is used to house temporary exhibitions, with their permanent collection and other works being shown in galleries off to the side.  I kept getting told off by the staff for taking pictures, so I’m afraid I only have a few to share with you.

Guggenheim Museum New  York

Guggenheim Roof

Frank Lloyd Wright Staircase

During our visit the main exhibition was Silence by On Kawara.  This was not my cup of tea at all. In a way it felt more like an example of OCD behaviour; sending a telegram everyday to let someone know you are still alive, sending postcards out to your friends to let them know what time you got up in the morning. They are just two examples of the works on display, the rest were even more bizarre.  You can find out more in this video from the museum.

As always with these kind of Modern Art Exhibitions, people ask “is it actually art?” And of course the answer to that depends on your personal definition of the word ‘art’. To me; even if I don’t enjoy looking at it, ‘good art’ makes me think and this work from On Kawara, certainly did that.

We stopped for a cup of coffee and fabulous cupcake from the cafe and enjoyed the view over Central Park.

There were two other exhibits, (Paul Chan’s, Nonprojections for New Lovers and Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian’s, Infinite Possibility) that I personally thought were crap.  They didn’t make me think, they didn’t provoke any kind of reaction from me at all, we walked around, looked at the art than walked out and rolled our eyes.  I’m sorry Guggenheim, but it’s true.

We did enjoy seeing the Thannhauser Collection though, which is hardly surprising as it includes work by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir and Cezanne.

Guggenheim Stairs


The Guggenheim kept our attention for about two hours, before we made our way over the road and into Central Park for a stroll.  I was a little disappointed, especially as it cost $50 for us both to visit, but I’m still glad that I went; that Frank Lloyd Wright building is fantastic.

You can check out the website for New York’s Guggenheim here.