I think like most travel writers, I am always on the lookout for a new place to visit which hopefully no one else has discovered. Sometimes I stumble across a location that is absolutely beautiful and I can’t understand why the whole world isn’t coming to visit.  On other occasions though, I’ll find that I haven’t heard of a place for good reason.

We had an afternoon free, and after consulting the map decided to drive up the coast to Gravelines and its neighbour Bourbourg, two towns close to the beach and with interesting histories.

Gravelines Memorial


Driving down the coast road, we arrived at Gravelines and parked up the car.  Gravelines itself was built on a fortified island within high walls, the streets inside all converging onto a central square.


Gravelines Town Hall

Gravelines Duo

Gravelines Fort


Gravelines France

Gravelines Port


We wandered over to the old fort, had a look at the walls and walked over to the gardens mentioned in the guide book, which were unfortunately shut and locked.  The rest of the town was also locked up, which we thought might just be for lunch, but then we realised it was 3.30pm – so probably not.  We jumped back in the car and drove over to Bourbourg.


Bourboug Church 1

Bourboug Church 2


Unfortunately, apart from a huge church, not much to report, a sleepy town attached to a beach that sits in front of a nuclear power station. Which was really rather bizarre, at one point I looked to the right and had a rather lovely beach and clear blue water and then looked to my left and I was suddenly in an episode of The Simpson’s,


Bourboug Plant


Oh well, the weather was great!  Is there anywhere you’ve visited and then kind of wished you hadn’t bothered?