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After four flights (in as many months) during winter, I checked into my hotel in Rome and was just a little horrified by the state of my poor skin.  There were bits of me flaking off and my lips were crazy chapped, firstly it was really painful, it was also decidedly unromantic!

Annoyingly I then had to find a pharmacy so I could get a heavy-duty moisturiser.  What I need to do of course is get organised and make sure I don’t get into that state again!

I contacted the gorgeous Katy from Treat The Skin You’re In to see if she had some top tips for us travelling folk and she was kind enough to prepare a guest post with loads of advice on how to look after yourself when you’re flying lots.

So, take it away Katy…



Hello everyone,
I’m Katy from ‘Treat The Skin You’re In’. A company that I’ve set up on the back of not always having looked after my skin and myself in the best ways possible, seeing the results of that and turning it around into a positive situation.

I’ve also spent the last 11 years working as an Air Stewardess for Virgin Atlantic Airways, globe trotting to all kinds of exciting destinations! It is my experience of this, and how I know travel can leave you looking and feeling, that brings me to write for Michelle and you guys about all of the things I’ve learnt on how to travel and still feel healthy.

So, I’ve got lots of tips and tricks for you! Make yourself a cuppa, or pour yourself a drink of choice, get comfortable and take a few minutes out to sit back and (I want to say enjoy the flight with Virgin Atlantic!) and relax, still want to say it! and read this blog post.
Right then let’s go….


First off, limit the amount of alcohol you drink onboard. You’ve probably heard it all before and it’s true. The effects of alcohol triple in the air. You will dehydrate at a super fast rate and your skin will be left looking and feeling like a prune whilst you’re gasping for water as if you were in the desert. If you choose to drink, go for something like a bloody mary. The tomato juice contains vitamin C which alcohol depletes quite quickly. Or even a vodka and cranberry or spritzer. Something that has a positive in there rather than full on alcohol. Also try to drink a glass of water for each alcoholic drink.

By Claus Ableiter (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Drink herbal teas that are preferably caffeine free, over things like regular tea or coffee (If you need coffee then try and ask for a decaf). Hopefully the cabin crew won’t roll their eyes at this. They wouldn’t on Virgin Atlantic anyway! Top tip, unless you’re travelling in Upper Class it would probably be good to carry your own herbal teas with you. A good choice to limit bloating is peppermint tea or peppermint and nettle. I also personally love green tea and it’s full of antioxidants which is a good thing.

Carry your own water if possible, then if your airline of choice don’t bring round as many drinks as you’d like or need, you at least have your own supply. Top tip! I just discovered the bobble bottle. It’s a plastic bottle, BPA free and it has its own filter. It’s brilliant and you can fill up anywhere safe in the knowledge you’ll still be drinking filtered water. I bought mine through ebay and I think Amazon sell them too.

Another top tip is to pop a vitamin C effervescent into your water. The vitamin C will help your body to fight free radicals and help your immune system which might struggle on long haul flights. Be sure to drink plenty of water before your flight so you board the flight feeling hydrated and have a good starting point.

Food wise, try to limit foods such as bread and stodgy carbs. You will bloat very quickly with these foods in the air. It’s not fun to be in pain and your clothes to be super tight mid flight. Try to carry some fruit and some nuts and seeds with you to snack on. Walnuts and brazil nuts are great as they are full of omega 3’s which moisturise and plump skin from the inside out. It’s also a good idea to take fish oils just to be on the safe side. Your skin needs essential fatty acids to repair and moisturise from the inside. I notice a huge difference in my skin for taking these.

Okay so that’s the food and drink side of things covered. Let’s move on to beauty tips!


Try and go makeup free if possible. Scary thought perhaps? Use a tinted moisturiser with an SPF. Your skin will be able to breathe more easily and you’ll also be protected.

Before you board your flight and you’re preparing to fly, use a really hydrating serum or cream to give your skin a helping hand. The DNA Serum is seriously hydrating and the Volu-Lift Cream contains ceramides to help protect your skin barrier and hyaluronic acid which helps to keep skin feeling plump and moisturised.

You may have your own personal favourites, but if you don’t, then I recommend you look out for those ingredients in the products of your choice. It’s really important to use an SPF at all times. I didn’t realise years ago that the suns rays are so much stronger when you’re up in the air, it figures really!

So don’t just protect when you’re out in the sun, UVA rays are always out and present. Another great tip is to use an antioxidant serum.


This will help to protect your skin as well as an SPF. My personal choice and the one I wouldn’t want to be without, especially if I was travelling, is the NCN Vitamin C+ Serum. If you are looking out for another brand of serum look for an antioxidant serum.

Try and cleanse your skin asap after the flight and reapply moisturiser. A good thing to do throughout the flight is carry a skin mist of some kind. You can usually buy them in Boots at the airport. I used Avene last time I flew and spritzed regularly to refresh my skin.

Carry a little hand sanitizer on you and use it regularly. There are so many people on an aircraft in such a small compact place, it is easy to touch things where many fingers have been and then touch your face. Doing this will limit the dirt spread and help to keep skin clear.

Another handy thing to do is carry either some mints, mouthwash or a toothbrush. Most airlines give out amenities, but not all. I don’t think there is anything worse than having a nap, waking up dehydrated and not being able to freshen your mouth. A fresh mouth does wonders for how you feel and you won’t need to feel self conscious if someone strikes up a conversation with you!


And last but not least. Rest where possible to help you and your skin to rejuvenate and make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses in the sun!

I hope you find these travel tips useful! I blog regularly over on my website and have also started a YouTube channel recently. So if learning more about skincare and treating the skin you’re in interests you then please pop over and check it out.





  • great tips! I need to be more conscious of staying hydrated!

  • Jessie says:

    Great tips! I have flown back and forth to Hawaii several times in the past few years and I have conquered the fear of going make-up less. Nobody’s make-up still looks good after traveling for a full day anyway so you might as well bite the bullet and go nude (make-up wise!). Bobble is a great invention; I use it myself and find it very practical when traveling. I also carry a brush and some hair tools like bobby pins and elastic bands so I can look somewhat presentable when getting off the plane.

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