Nestled not very far away from me at all, in Woluwe Saint Lambert are lots of restaurants that I have never eaten in.

I’m trying to remedy that, by investigating all of our local eateries (it’s a tough job, but for the sake of my blog, I will do it)

On a prominent corner location on Avenue Georges Henri is Il Piccolo Padrino.

Il Piccolo Padrino Brussels



We arrived just as their dinner service started (7pm on a Sunday), which meant we were their only eat-in customers for around 30 minutes.  Although there were several people picking up take-away pizzas, which is a good sign as there is a Domino’s just two minutes away.

Il Piccolo Padrino Bread and Oil


The menu was a good mix of pizza and pasta, as well as various starters and meat dishes.  Philip and I opted for beer, which arrived quickly, along with our complimentary bread (straight from the oven) and olive oil – both of which were delicious.

Il Piccolo Padrino Pizza Oven


I was obviously tired and not paying attention, as I made the school-girl error of ignoring the huge pizza oven in the corner of the restaurant and ordering pasta instead.

Il Piccolo Padrino Tomato and Basil Pasta


Don’t get me wrong, my Tortellini alla paesana (or filled pasta with tomato, basil and parmesan) was tasty enough, but Philip’s Hawaienne pizza was far superior.

Il Piccolo Padrino Pizza


According to the man himself, the base was crispy, the herbs mixed in with the tomato sauce were delicious, lots of cheese and fresh ham and pineapple.

The service was good and the prices were even better (two beers, bottle of water, pizza and pasta for €32).  I’m looking forward to heading back and having one of those pizzas to myself!

You can find Il Piccolo Padrino at Avenue Georges Henri 350, Woluwe Saint Lambert, 1200 Bruxelles.





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