Indoor Picnic

Indoor Vegetarian Picnic Recipe Ideas

Today is International Picnic Day (yep, I didn’t know it was a thing either) which seems like a cute idea, encouraging people to get outside and eat yummy food. In fact, in the UK it is actually National Picnic Week, which is even better!

Unfortunately heading out to a park with a basket full of goodies isn’t really an option in Dubai, it’s far too bloody hot for that, luckily the only thing I love more than an outdoor picnic is an indoor picnic.

This afternoon I was cooking up a storm in my lovely new kitchen, putting together a picnic style feast for Philip and I to enjoy when he got home.

I had four dishes planned, one of my own recipes and three other dishes I’ve seen online that are perfect for a picnic.  Unfortunately, time got away from me a little, so I had to ditch one of them (Courgette Fries in case you’re interested) and I”ll be doing that another day.

Indoor Vegetarian Picnic Recipe Ideas

Smitten Kitchen’s Pasta Salad with Roasted Tomatoes is absolutely delicious, definitely worth the 90 minutes it took in the oven.  The flavour of the tomatoes is exceptionally sweet, tangy and juicy and goes perfectly with the crunch of the pine nuts and the saltiness of the feta cheese.

I tried making falafel for the first time, this Baked Sweet Potato Falafel from Vegetarian Ventures sounded great and the fact that there was a Coriander and Yoghurt Sauce to go with it, made it exactly what I was looking for.  Unfortunately my attempt wasn’t the most attractive of falafel I’ve ever seen, but that’s OK, they tasted really nice and weren’t at all dry, which is sometimes a real problem with falafel.  I just need a bit more practice to make them rounder and flatter and a little more consistent.

Last up was my Lentil and Couscous salad, which I’ve made a few times now and really enjoy.  With the lemon dressing and shed loads of red onion, this is a lovely refreshing dish, nice and filling, but perfect for the bot weather.

With our blanket set out next to the biggest air-con vent, we sat in the candlelight, stuffing our faces with picnic food and talking about our days.  It was bliss.

There may, or may not still be cake to come… but that’s another story.


  • Sandy (@smarksthespots) says:

    So happy it finally all worked out in your new home! And what a lovely idea to have an indoor picnic – we should also make it a thing in Brussels as it’s usually too cold or rainy to go out (ouch!). Oh and baked sweet potato falafel? Yum! 🙂

    Sandy xx

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