Inside Canterbury Cathedral

Inside Canterbury Cathedral St Stephen Martyr Chapel

Whether you want to participate in the religious services, or, like me, want to marvel at the architecture and soak-up all that history, you won’t be disappointed by a trip inside Canterbury Cathedral.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Exterior

And those ceilings, my goodness, I could just stare at those incredible ceilings for hours – in fact I frequently do.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Amazing Ceilings

It’s not free, but as ancient British monuments go, worth every penny.  as I walked through the entrance, the sheer size of the space was humbling.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Archway

The history of the place is as interesting as the view.  Canterbury Cathedral’s first Archbishop, Augustine, came over from Rome and established Christianity in England in 597AD.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Tomb

Inside Canterbury Cathedral is the most important collection of medieval stained glass in England.  ‘Adam Delving’ is pretty much the oldest thing in the entire place (and it is beautiful).

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass

The Trinity Chapel is another must-see, including St Augustine’s Chair which dates back to the 13th century and is the ceremonial enthronement chair of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral High Ceilings

Edward of Woodstock, known as the Black Prince, was one of England’s best known military leaders.  His victories over the French made him very popular.  In fact you might remember him from the movie ‘A Knights Tale’ . His tomb is given pride of place in the Trinity Chapel.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Black Prince Tomb

Make your way downstairs to the Crypt, a dark and strangely calming part of the Cathedral.  There are so many nooks and crannies to explore down there.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Stained Glass Window

If you can, try and make it one of the musical performances that are held in the Quire.  It really is magical to take a seat under those impossibly high ceilings and feel the entire space being filled with music.

Inside Canterbury Cathedral Corners

If you’re planning a visit to Canterbury Cathedral, their website will tell you everything you need to know