Tredegar House Newport

Renewing your passport is a complete and utter pain the arse.  I mean it’s not really in the grand scheme of world problems, but if you do a lot of travelling and really can’t not have a passport for six weeks (which is how long it takes to do it via the post/post office in the UK) then you will need hot foot to one of the UK passport offices.

Gone are the days when you could just rock up, now you must have an appointment and those appointments book up quickly – especially on a Saturday.

This is why we found ourselves outside the Passport Office in Newport, on a Monday morning, with 4 hours to kill.

TripAdvisor informed us that Newport has 21 attractions; firstly TripAdvisor should check the definition of ‘attraction’, secondly Monday is not a good day to be going sight seeing, as lots of museums etc. are closed.

And so, once again, the National Trust came up trumps, with the gorgeous Tredegar House.


Stable Block Tredegar House

Built at the end of the 17th century, it was home to the incredible Morgan family for 500 years and has since been a boarding school, before the National Trust took it over and began their restoration work.  It is a very impressive estate, surrounded by huge grounds, the decor is incredible. There was a fabulous shadow puppet theatre in the family living room that was great fun to play with (although I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be for kids) and that bathroom – bloody gorgeous!

Tredegar House Family Room

We spent a good three and a bit hours walking around the house and grounds and munching on cake in the tea shop of course!   If you’re in the area, I would absolutely suggest paying it a visit.

Find out more about Tredegar House on the National Trust Website. 



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