When we left Brussels the sun was shining. As we headed into Germany the sky becoming increasingly grey. By the time we reached Koblenz, we knew it was going to start raining very soon indeed.

Rhine Koblenz

Vineyards Koblenz



We reached the centre of the town, parked up and quickly started to walk along the Rhine.  Unfortunately after a couple of minutes it was already raining rather heavily.  We managed to stick it out for an hour, before heading back.  Which was a real shame.  From what we saw of Koblenz, it was rather lovely and we definitely want to head back in the Summer.


Koblenz Fountain

Koblenz Germany

Cable Car Koblenz

Statue William I Koblenz

Rhine in the rain, Koblenz


Have you been to Koblenz?  Any suggestions for what I should see when I go back?