Spending the afternoon at a spring festival in the grounds of a 17th century palace – oh go on then.

Unfortunately, what with the winter that wouldn’t end,  the flowers weren’t at all ready to make an appearance, but with such beautiful grounds and water features, it didn’t really matter.

Philip and I spent a good three hours wandering around, wishing that we had taken a picnic.

Chateaux d'Annevoie

Jardin D'Annevoie

Hog Statue Jardin d'Annevoie

The Big Spitter Jardin d'Annevoie

The French Cascade Jardin d'Annevoie



Les Jardins d’Annevoie are near Dinant.  The website is excellent and includes a full map of the gardens as well as directions, prices etc.

If you have a few hours free and the sun is shining then I would recommend you check it out.

Belgium Castle Chateau Gardens Palace