There is something really quite wonderful about being able to visit a new country whilst day-tripping.

And so Boon and I ticked off our first new country of the year (four is my minimum for 2013 – although I’m aiming for six and eight would be wonderful!) by driving a couple of hours south-east ish to Luxembourg.

Once we’d got our bearings and parked, we had a lovely wander around.  Even with a grungy grey sky, Luxembourg City is beautiful.  The architecture and all that greenery, really do make it something special.

Viaduct Luxembourg City Luxembourg Heroes Luxembourg Eternal Flame Luxembourg City Trees Luxembourg City Green Luxembourg City Castle Luxembourg City Steps Luxembourg City Golden Statue Luxembourg City Memorial Luxembourg City Bridge

Luxembourg City kind of reminded me of a little London – I loved the mixture of old and new.

Whilst we were wandering we spotted a tour bus – hooray!  My tourist senses started tingling and I soon spotted the bus stop.  We got lucky and grabbed the seats upstairs right at the front (we are such geeks) we were given headphones so that we could listen to the audio guide (although it started with a message from the Mayor of Luxembourg City, which I’ve not experienced before and was rather excellent).

Luxembourg City Bus Tour

Audio Guide Bus Tour

Unfortunately the roof wasn’t open, probably because it was rather chilly and the rest of tourists were complete wimps.  Anyway just as the tour started the sun started to shine.  So obviously the universe loves bus tours as well!

The tour route covers both the older and newer parts of Luxembourg City – including the financial district.

Sun Cloud Sky Luxembourg City Buildings Luxembourg City Red Bridge Luxembourg City View Luxembourg City Reports Luxembourg City EU flags Luxembourg City Finance District

We also had a good look around the Notre Dame Cathedral (more to come), but unfortunately didn’t have time to go to the Modern Art Museum, or into the ramparts, so we’ll definitely be back.