River Meuse in Dinant

Dinant is one of my most favourite places in Belgium.

I have been there approximately 3,217* times since I moved to Brussels two years ago.

Walking along the River Meuse during my last trip, I saw sign after sign advertising  boat tours and I realised that I hadn’t actually been on one yet.

 I decided to fix that immediately.

I went to Dock 5, where the next boat was departing from, paid my €7.50 and climbed aboard, what followed was 50 minutes of pure relaxation. The sun was shining, the perfect amount of spray came through the window and at the end, my cheeks were aching from smiling.

Here are the pictures…

Tour Boat Dinant

Dinant Boat Tour on the River Meuse

River Meuse Dinant

Dinant Boat Tour

Rocks Dinant River Meuse

Tour River Meuse

Dinant River Meuse

Bridge over the River Meuse

Under Bridge River Meuse Dinant

Bridge River Meuse Dinant

Dinant River Meuse Tour

Boat Tour on the River Meuse

Dinant River Meuse

Car on a boat

Saxophone Bridge Dinant

Citadel and Church Dinant

Tower Dinant

More from Dinant next week…

*this is a slight exaggeration


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