Art La Cour d'Or Metz

Trying to summarise the Musee de La Cour d’Or  (Museum of the Golden Court) in Metz is proving to be problematic.  My first thought is that it tells the history of Metz, except it doesn’t actually do that.  What it does have though are floors and floors of seriously cool and old shit that I was NOT expecting.

There are four main collections:

  • Local History and Archaeology – including ancient Roman baths that they found underneath the museum (super convenient)
  • Medieval – about one thousand years worth of artefacts including tombs
  • Architecture – this includes replica’s of the old buildings and part of the ACTUAL museum
  • Fine Arts – incredible paintings from all across Europe

We actually didn’t know anything about the museum, but the very nice woman at the Tourist Information Office suggested that we pop in on our way to another church that we wanted to see. Well, we re-appeared nearly four hours later, with bleary-eyes and aching legs. The museum just kept going, the map made absolutely no sense at all, each room we went into was just packed full of the most amazing artefacts.

My only niggles for this museum is that everything is in French (obviously, Metz is in France), but there was no audio guide or additional paper guides in any other languages, which is a real shame and meant I only understood the basics of each item.

Musee de La Cour d'Or, Metz

Find out more about the Musee de La Cour d’Or on their website, it’s well worth a visit if you’re in Metz.


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