My Favourite Romantic Weekends In Europe

So, you’ve strolled along the streets of Paris, sailed down the canals of Venice and gazed adoringly into your loved one’s eyes over a fountain in Rome.  Well done, you have visited all of the romantic places in Europe, or so the guide books will have you believe, so there will be no more romance for you, ever again.

Yeah Right, Paris, Venice and Rome are beautiful cities, but there are definitely lots of other romantic options to check out.  Here are some of the most loved-up places I’ve been to over the years. Hopefully with some more exploring I’ll be able to add more to the list!


Beach Hollum Ameland

Ameland, The Netherlands

This wonderful cluster of islands, the Friesland’s, of which Ameland is one, has very little on it; so it is perfect for a quiet, romantic getaway. Spend a couple of days here; stroll along beautiful sandy beaches, take a boat ride, rent a tandem bike and go exploring.  There are some lovely little bars and restaurants dotted around and the Hotel Delores has a hot-tub in the garden you can use.


Danube Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

Stick to the old town and you are in for a real treat. Similar to Prague, but without the drunken stag parties; Bratislava is the perfect location for a long weekend away with your other half.  Cobbled streets, winding alley ways, and a castle with great views over the city. Plus you can take a boat ride to Vienna for a glass of bubbly at the Palace.



Budapest, Hungary

I was absolutely blown away by Budapest. Spend a day hand-in-hand at the top of castle hill (don’t worry there is a charming funicular railway, if you don’t want to walk up there!) Share an ice-cream at the Fisherman’s Bastion and soak-up the spectacular views over the Danube river. Take a trip on the most picturesque tram line ever and don’t forget to pack something fancy for a night at the Opera.


Citadel and Church Dinant

Dinant, Belgium

Just one hour away from our home in Brussels, Dinant is our go-to spot for a romantic stroll.  Sit by the river, drink beer and watch the world go by, mooch around the shops, eat in one of the many lovely cafes, or join one of the fabulous dinner cruises along the Meuse.




Malcesine, Italy

A sleepy town on Lake Garda, it’s almost like time forget Malcesine and I am so glad that it did. There is a reason that so many people travel in from all around the world to get married at the medieval castle, it is ridiculously beautiful. Take the cable car up to the top of the mountain and enjoy the views, eat, drink and relax with the one that you love.  And for an extra treat, Verona is just an hour’s bus drive away.


Palace of Versailles

Versailles, France

This one is a bit cheeky, as technically Versailles is in Paris, but I think it’s far enough away from France’s Capital to warrant it’s own visit. Obviously the Palace is your first point of call, picnic by the lake, walk around the grounds and wonder along the impressive hallways.  Make sure you check out the town of Versailles as well, the architecture is fabulous and it is a beautiful place to explore.


Whitby, UK

After a three day stay in Whitby, I was so in love with this wonderful town, I decided to get married there!  Climb the 199 steps (if I can do it, you can do it ;-)) to the ruins of the Abbey. Sit in the harbour and eat some of the best fish and chips in England from the Magpie Cafe. Take your time along the cobbled streets, checking out all the old shop fronts.


What do you think, any of these you fancy checking out?  Any other places in Europe to add to the list?